History – Scarborough Players

Over all the Years since 1849 there have been many outstanding cricketers who have played for the Club. Records of early players are not complete but there are much better records of players since the war.

The excellent book by Ian Hall and John Found listed records of players who have represented the Club after World War II and included in that figures from between the Wars where a player played before and after World War II( indicated by an asterisk).

Players who scored more than 5000 runs for Scarborough

NameCareerInningsNot OutTotalHighestAverage
G. R. Bloom1959-1976294337342123*28.13
D. Byas1980-200356742200*40.86
J. A. Hutton1955-197727250519210823.39
E. I. Lester*1938-1961200428681180*54.94
A. J. Moor1958-19844478813086127*36.45
B. Rennard1968-19854457710480100*28.36
J. A. Richardson*1927-19585731132224420248.36
K. C. Stockwell1949-19795257113195139*29.06
F. Temple*1929-194728147574711224.56
T. N. Watts1983-210345443124*30.92

The Figures were collected in 1992.

Players who have taken more than 500 wickets

C. C. Clifford1963-18195108016.85
G. H. Dennis1961-19721069666816.01
C. W. Foord1941-197116149107116.01
P. R. Hart1970-940653117.71

The figures were collected in 1992