History – Five Lords Wins

In 1969 a national Club Knock-Out competition was established, sponsored by The Cricketer Magazine. The Clubs were to play for the Derrick Robins Trophy and the final was to be played at Edgebaston.

The Scarborough Club were keen to enter and did so in the first year only to be knocked out in the first round, by Pocklington Pixies, on the toss of a coin due to bad weather preventing the fixture being played by the necessary date. Pocklington Pixies, a team drawn from past pupils at Pocklington School, went all the way to the final only to be beaten by Hampstead.

In 1970 it was decided that from then onwards the final would be played at Lords. In 1970 and 1971 Scarborough progressed to the fourth round and semi- final respectively and in 1972, the last year of Geoff Dennis’s captaincy, they progressed all the way to Lord’s to meet Brentham CC in the Final. The Trophy was brought back to Scarborough in style with a six wicket win.

The Derrick Robins Trophy was contended for another three years with York winning it in 1975.

In 1976 John Haig the whiskey company became sponsors of the competition which was renamed The Haig Trophy. In the seven years of the Haig Trophy Scarborough were winners on four occasions and semi-finalists in another year.

The first of the four wins was in the first year 1976, the next 1979 and then in the last two years 1981 and 1982.

Scarborough Cricket Clubs’ Five wins is more than any other Club in the National Club Knock out.

Old Hill from Worcestershire has four wins and several others multiple wins but over the forty two years the competition has been played no one has equalled Scarborough’s five.

Other Clubs to have won from the Yorkshire Premier League are York, Doncaster and Sheffield Collegiate.