History – Ground Development

After taking the tenancy in 1863, the field where early matches were played was enlarged and levelled during the winter of 1871-1872 although the club did not own the land until 1877.

Backed by Lord Londesborough and Lord Derwent £7,000 was raised to purchase the Ground and make substantial improvements and at the same time the Club sold a strip of land bordering North Marine Road for building.

The present day Pavilion was built in 1896, at a cost of £2,150, on the site of the Old Pavilion.

At approximately the same time the covered seating at the Trafalgar Square end (the Enclosure) was built as was the seating on the Popular Bank.

The North Stand was built in 1926 and the post war boom in attendances saw record crowds at the Ground with well over 20,000 on some days.

The West Stand was erected in 1956 replacing a long low building which had been known as the Cow Sheds.

The Queen Hotel was demolished in the late 50’s and replaced by the Cricketers Pub which itself has now been demolished to make way for retirement apartments.