Ground Regulations

1The Club Management reserves the right of admission to the Ground.
2All matches will be played in accordance with the rules and regulations of The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and The International Cricket Council (ICC) and their respective Laws of the Game
3Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Club Management reserves the right to changes its advertised fixtures. Every effort will be made via the media/social media to make the public aware of any changes
4Refund terms and conditions for matches played under the auspices of the ECB and ICC can be found on our website Terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to.
5The Stadium Management reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject from the Ground:- a) any person dressed in a manner which is i) considered inappropriate, offensive or distasteful; ii) considered dangerous either to their own safety or the safety of other spectators; iii) considered an obstruction to the view of other spectators; b) any person who refuses to be searched (including bags) upon entry to the Ground or on club premises; c) any person whose behaviour is deemed a source of danger or annoyance to other spectators.
6Fireworks, pyrotechnics, smoke canisters, flares, knives, forks (other than wooden or plastic knives and forks), bottles, glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles, air-horns, musical instruments and other similar articles or any containers which might be used as a weapon or missile and could be a source of annoyance to others are not permitted within the Ground and will be confiscated
7The throwing of any object in a dangerous manner within the Ground is strictly forbidden.
8For all matches, it will be permissible for each adult to bring up to a maximum of 4 cans of beer/lager (330ml) or one plastic bottle/carton (75cl) of wine into the Ground. No glass bottles or glasses are permitted. This policy applies to initial entry into the Ground – once a pass out has been given no alcohol is allowed into the Ground.
9It is an offence to use foul and abusive language, obscene chanting or racial abuse. Action will be taken against any individual(s) indulging in such acts.
10Spectators shall not engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to any player, umpire, referee or other official or other spectators in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages, or vilifies that other person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, or national or ethnic origin.
11Unauthorised persons are strictly forbidden from entering upon the field of play unless advised to do so in an emergency. Individuals entering upon the field of play without permission will be subject to prosecution.
12The obstructing of gangways, access ways, exits, entrances, stairways, and similar places is strictly forbidden, as is standing in any seated area while play is in progress.
13The climbing of stands or any other structure within the Ground is strictly forbidden.
14Unnecessary noise such as that from the use of radios, mobile phones, air horns, whistles, musical instruments, and behaviour likely to cause confusion or annoyance to any person is not permitted in any part of the Ground.
15With the exception of persons authorised by the Club Management and press representatives holding official passes, the taking of photographs, cine photography, video footage or mobile phone footage inside the Ground is prohibited. In addition, recording for radio, television or for private purposes whether for transmission or otherwise, is not permitted without special written authorisation from the Club Management.
16Under no circumstances may any person at the Ground use a mobile telephone, computer, or any other kind of communication device to communicate, transfer or otherwise transmit any audio, visual or audio-visual data, information, commentary, footage or other material in relation to a cricket match taking place at the Ground at that time (or any aspect thereof) for any kind of improper betting or any other corrupt, fraudulent or unlawful purpose. Any person at the Ground who is reasonably suspected by SCC(or its appointed nominees, including but not limited for such purposes to the anti-corruption officials and any other representatives of the England & Wales Cricket Board) of acting in breach of this provision during any cricket match unconditionally acknowledges, accepts and agrees that: i) he/she must, upon request by SCC (or its appointed nominees), provide his/her name and address and an explanation for his/her suspicious conduct (including full details of the nature of his/her suspicious communications), and ii) he/she will be photographed and/or filmed by SCC (or its appointed nominees) and iii) any such names, addresses, photographs and films may be shared between each of the ECB, all the other first class county clubs, relevant official cricket authorities and any relevant police and crime prevention authorities. Any person who it is reasonably suspected is in breach of this provision accepts that he/she may be immediately ejected from the Ground (without any financial or other compensation) and prohibited from entering the Ground for life or such other period of time as SCC (or ECB) deems appropriate at its sole and absolute discretion.
17Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Club Management are permitted to distribute either without charge or offer for sale with the Ground any newspapers, periodicals or any other articles.
18Any person found damaging or defacing property within the Ground will be subject to prosecution.
19Persons failing to comply with instructions from a steward or an authorised agent of the Stadium Management may be ejected from the Ground.
20The Stadium Management reserves the right for its servants and agents to remove from the Ground any person who does not comply with published Ground regulations, the Rules and Regulations of the ICC, ECB or whose presence within the Ground is, or could reasonably construed as, constituting a source of danger, nuisance, or annoyance to any other person.
21Smoking is not permitted in any of the stands, walkways or staircases. This rule also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes. There are designated areas for both smoking and extinguishing smoking materials at the rear of the various stands around the Ground.
22Any fancy dress which could be deemed liable to cause offence to any other supporters will not be permitted inside the Ground.
23Any person attempting to gain admission to, or being found within, a section of the Ground designated for “Members Only” without the appropriate authorisation may be ejected from the Ground.
24All persons entering the Ground are admitted only subject to their acceptance of the above Ground regulations. Entry to the Ground is conditional on, and will constitute unqualified acceptance of, all these rules and regulations. The purchase of a ticket or entry to the stadium during a match signifies your acceptance that you will abide by all the ground regulations.
25To comply with the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Touts Out policy, any tickets purchased or given as complimentary must not be sold or passed onto any third party or unauthorised source, either online or in person. Doing so may result in tickets being cancelled or entry to the ground refused.
26Parents/carers are responsible for deciding when a child or vulnerable adult needs to be accompanied by a responsible person while attending events at the North Marine Stadium. Our recommendation is that any child under the age of 14 should be accompanied by a responsible adult (defined in law as aged 18 or over) and decisions on entry to the stadium will be based on that age threshold.
27In relation to the cricket match taking place at the ground spectators are not permitted to use a mobile telephone, tablet, laptop, computer or other kind of communication device to either (i) communicate or in any way transmit any form of commentary, data or other material, for any kind of betting or corrupt or unlawful purpose; or (ii) conduct continuous betting trading activity.